Healing Autism through the NeuroField

I’ve been very blessed to have limited influence of Autism in my life. Nothing direct outside of a gal-friend who was a teacher in a primarily autistic program. A couple other brushes but nothing intensive. I’ve heard various rumors of potential causes, but the most convincing to me are heavy metals (mercury, etc) in our drinking water. It also probably has quite a bit to do with the overwhelming quantity of vaccines we are giving our children at young ages. But as far as I know, no one knows for sure what causes Autism.

Some years back a colleague, Nick Dogris, who is a neuropsychologist, was working with an apperati called the Lens. The Lens is a biofeedback device developed by Len Ochs, that has the ability to send a pulse to a specific point in the brain. The process included taking a QEEG of the brain and treating one of the 19 points that could show an increase or decrease in the delta, theta, alpha and beta wave patterns. The Lens was proving to have some positive affects on balancing these wave patterns. Since the Lens only had a single rhythm or pulse, Nick wanted to get more out of it. He was stuck in the snow one day and had to rock his truck out of a rut. After pulling out he thought to himself, “I wonder if i can do that with the brain”. Nick proceeded to hack Len’s system (with permission) and came up with several new protocols (or rhythms) which he began testing on current patients. The initial one he called Rocking the Brain.

Nick would chat with me about some of the success he was having with the Lens. Most of the Neurofeedback community were now using his protocols in conjunction with the Lens. One day he and Len were presenting to a room full of MD’s and Therapists in Sonoma (i believe). They had a volunteer patient who Nick had never met. The man was around 40 with a trauma to the head. The patient had very little affect and his mother had brought him. Nick touched his shoulder and had an overwhelming feeling the man had been hit by a truck. The mother confirmed that was exactly what had occurred. After the QEEG, Nick asked Len what they should do, Len said “lets Rock him”. They did, and after a few minutes the man basically opened his eyes and woke up. Cognitive and alert. His mom started crying on the spot.

Around this time Nick and I began discussing his Autistic patients (no personal info, just treatments). He’d mention stories about kids who came in with severe Autism and within a limited number of session they would be on the way to recovery. I wondered how many… he mentioned one current patient was on session 17 and was functioning close to normal. Most symptoms absent and no regression.

I’d catch up with Nick in San Francisco or Los Angeles where we’d sit and talk over a meal about his further experiences and that he had come up with an idea for a new apperati that was completely different than the Lens. Nick had hired a Cal Tech engineer, and was designing both the hardware and software. He asked if i would design a website for his new venture called NeuroField. The NeuroField was a unit and a cap that plugged into a PC allowing the operator the ability to both read all 19 points, map any problem spots then write with far greater ability to the brain that the original Lens unit. I asked, “what are you talking about Nick?” He continued by explaining that the brain basically radiates an electrical field and he had found a way to treat the wave patterns (delta, theta, alpha and beta) through this field via the unit and software he had developed. In most of his patient cases there was either an excess or depletion of one or more of these brain waves. In the QEEG this showed up as a Green (balanced), Red (excess) or Blue (depletion). In preliminary testing, he was able to balance several of his patients in a single session by what he explained as replenishing the field. Not doing anything dangerous, just adding where there wasn’t enough, or offsetting where there was too much. What really hit home for me was when Nick said, “you could have had a trauma at 10 years old, and i could still see it, and treat it as it would show up as red or blue on the brain map“. Not only was he having success with Autism, but PTSD, Depression, Anxiety. Anything that shows up as red or blue he can treat. And most everything  abnormal shows up as something other than green, both Physical and Mental.

So i’m thinking at this point, this guy has the ability to read AND write to the brain. He corrects me but saying he is only treating the field. Ok… the field, got it. i think. I’m starting to think of all the applications for this in terms of design. I’m seeing gestural like crazy, the ability to record thoughts and dreams, a treatment modality in the form of a wi-fi enabled cycle helmet with the 19pt cap installed on sale for $19.95 at every pharmacy, endless possibilities in my mind, but as usual… totally cart before the horse.

During this time Nick was starting to sell and train doctors and therapists. In the first few weeks of managing his site, i was adding to the provider directory daily. That means he was selling units daily. Trainings across the country started, and later internationally at the ISNR and Neurofeedback conferences. The leaders of the time finally started to recognize Nick as a champion, and inventor responsible for a tool that could potentially change Neurofeedback treatment in general.

So what about Healing Autism? We discussed the Lens in a former treatment example but it wasn’t until the last time that i saw Nick that i realized how well the NeuroField was benefitting his patients. I went to visit Nick in Bishop, CA to get my own treatment (which i do a couple times a year for concentration – I deplete delta at a high rate and the re-energization helps bring my concentration levels back to optimal). We had dinner and he was telling me about a very prominent guy outside of the US that asked him out to dinner after Nick spoke at an international conference about the treatment. Over dinner they spoke for about 30 minutes before the man dropped the bomb, “My son is Autistic and i would like you to treat him tomorrow”. Nick showed up and met the boy who was “Autistic”. Nick met then calmed him down to some degree, put the cap on the boy then gave him an initial shot of NF. The boy was calm in a few moments. I believe Nick administered the QEEG then hit him again. The boy looked up and said to his dad in an even and calm tone, “Dad, can we go for a bike ride after this”? I’m not saying its a one time fix, but i am stating that after following the progression of this treatment for some years, it is undeniable what possibilities are sitting here for behavioral health, and the field of medicine (if big pharma doesn’t try to squash it first).

In May 2014 NeuroField was awarded FDA approval and is now a registered medical device.


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