“The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why.”

― Mark Twain

I was on a flight from a yoga retreat in Phoenix and while on the plane to San Francisco a gal in my row asked… Why are we here? I thought about it for a few moments and gave her my stock answer which starts with a story i’ve been telling for some years. This includes family, friends, and personal experiences. I honestly have no idea why we’re here, but i’ve given it a lot of passive and active thought. The story starts like this…

While in utero, my mom made a U-Turn on a blind corner of Sunset Boulevard and was t-boned by a truck in a small convertible so it was pretty bad. The ambulance took us to UCLA Med Center where she was pronounced DOA. While in the trauma room she left her body and was hanging out in the upper corner of the room near the ceiling. At this point she could see her pregnant body on the gurney, and realized she knew exactly what was wrong with her and exactly what the doctors needed to do to resuscitate her. She also expressed being asked a question if she wanted to come back, and she said yes, i want to have my child (thanks mom). At that moment she came back to consciousness.

Fast forward 13 years: She is telling me this story about the accident when she was pregnant with me. After, I went to my school library and looked up life after death. I found 2 books by an author, Ray Moody, MD (http://www.lifeafterlife…). The first called Life After Life, the second, More Life After Life. I read through the first in the library on the floor in that row, and was amazed at the accounts this physician had documented where people had some sort of trauma or cause that threw them into a near death experience. Each account was almost identical, only differing by a detail here and there. Basically all accounted for the light, the tunnel, and those who went in saw souls to the left and right of their path, and those who crossed the light barrier heard music, saw a different spectrum of colors, and there were others there.

Fast forward 13 years: I never lost interest, but over the years never found anything that was as compelling as the Moody books I had found in Jr. High. While browsing a book store I ran across a book from Dr. Brian Weiss (http://www.brianweiss.com) called Many Lives, Many Masters. I read through the book and honestly couldn’t put it down. It was a fairly compelling story about this Psychiatrists (Weiss) experiences with one patient (Catherine) who well under hypnosis began expressing experiences where she was a Spanish prostitute in the eighteenth century, a Greek woman who had lived a few hundred years after the near-Easter lifetime.

Either way, I had to try it. I was able to sit in some years back with Dr. Weiss in a group session while he was in San Francisco. So I decided to look further, but didn’t find anyone local who purported to be a regressionist. Time past and I ended up in Jerusalem for a month in the summer of 2005. I met a man named Shimon that purported to do Regressions. He was trained by a local Rabbi, and since I would be there for a month, we set up four sessions (no charge). My first session was incredible. I went down very quickly, and immediately recalled running through a Sewer, running and running, and could hear the slight of water splashing beneath my feet, until at some point I could see light through a grate to my right. I looked through the grate and through the bars could see a city (it was Prague and I knew it although I have never been there). It felt like 5 minutes, but over an hour had passed.  The time period was mid 1700’s. In a second session I recalled being a small girl (age approx 8) and horsemen were coming up a hill near the wooded house I was near, killed my family and burned the house. I was hiding near a pond, in the water. Third and Forth experiences allude me at the moment….

While in Jerusalem I also met a man named Asher. Asher did what was called Reiki or light healing. I had never heard of it, but one night after a nice meal with an orthodox student (Moshe) I had befriended on my first day, I was taken to see Asher. I was tired that night, but we stepped into the Apartment, and Asher asked me to lie on the table. He did my front side for 30 minutes.  Then asked me to roll over and did my back. I passed out at some point as it was late and the room was pitch black. After finishing, he said to me that he knew a lot about me now. I sat up, and Moshe said, “Adam, you’re glowing”. I said what are you talking about Moshe? And he took me by the hand to the bathroom mirror, and I was literally lighting up the room, radiating a white blue light from my head and body.

Fast forward 1 year. I decided I wanted to do another past life session. I called Dr. Weiss’s office and he (in Miami) was booked out and not taking new patients. They referred me to a Psychologist in San Francisco, Sheva Feld who was trained by Brian Weiss. I went to see Sheva that month, and we did a single session. She started the session by helping me locate or recognize a spirit guide. I had a pretty amazing experience, and she was amazing. I’ve seen her a few times since over the past 2 years, and outside of being an excellent approachable therapist, she is an exceptional regressionist.

Through all of these experiences I had to ask several times what have I learned? It continually comes down to purpose. What is our Purpose? From my reading about life after life, it seems that we are asked a question: What was your purpose here. When we pass the barrier after we die, what do we experience? The stories from those who pass the barrier consistently cite that they are asked a question: Why were you here, what was your purpose.

What i answered the gal on the plane was that we may move through lives in order to learn one thing. And when we leave this life were asked what we learned; the one thing we needed to take with us in order to advance. We are supported by friends and family who we choose as we move on to the next life. The support that we’ll need in order to accomplish this goal of recognizing why.

Each time we learn a lesson we move forward, and if we cannot answer, we carry the burden forward. You may ask how we carry the burden, and actually attend to getting the answer to so many questions? The answer may be that through regressions we overcome the fears and realize the lessons of those past lives. Jung used an example of a bag we are born with strapped to our waste that we stuff all of the negative emotions in, and rarely if ever open it up. And as we age that bag gets heavier, and by the time we are 40 we are dragging this heavy, mile long bag of our regrets, mistakes and embarrassments. The same applies to the lessons from lifetime to lifetime. We need to occasionally open the bag and not be so afraid to remember the past and learn from it. Brian Weiss may have publicized a way for our race to deal with the burdens of our past that we cannot consciously see or remember. Once we get over or through the process of dealing with our shortcomings, past, issues… we can move on.

And in the end the Self-Actualization hierarchy Maslow spoke of comes to mind. Is there a reason we need to learn these lessons? My last statement to the gal was that we may have a certain amount of steps we take, lessons to be learned and once we achieve this goal, in our last life, we meld with those who have also overcome this great challenge in the afterlife creating a pure entity that moves to who knows where.


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