Restaurant Clenliness Mashup

I’ve been a long time user of but went to look up a restaurant recently and realized the site is either down or gone. It was managed by the Dept of Public Health in San Francisco, but i’m guessing due to budget cuts its gone. After a quick search found I’m not sure if this is managed by the same team, or a private org but they have current scores for cleanliness at least in the City. I’m also an avid Yelp user. While working on a design architecture for Googles new Glass, I was thinking, wouldn’t it be great to see the Yelp or google, travel site, ect reviews and ratings matched up with a clean score? Glass, show me all 4 star Dim Sum places in Chinatown that get a clean score above 90, or places closest to me in the SoMa. The aggregated results show a list of the highest rated spots sorted by cleanliness top to bottom?



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