I am Adam, a mobile and web User Experience Architect working and living in San Francisco. I moved here from Los Angeles to play music and study clinical psychology. After finishing my degree, I worked at UCSF for 8 years managing clinics and clinical workflow. In 1998, I designed an online mental health clinic where providers can sign up and see their clients (new and returning) online via chat and audio/video, through a self-facilitation interface we were building. I created wireframes in Fireworks, handed off to my Developer located in the mid-west, and a god at Cold Fusion (what we had to develop in at the time in order to keep the offering entirely free of plug-ins and fully web-based). In 1999, I moved into designing for the web part-time using WYSIWYG coding and prototyping, but mainly interviewing, gathering requirements, wireframing then managing the application or site development. In 2007, I left UCSF and began consulting until January 2014. I’ve worked with great clients which are listed on the About page of my portfolio. I currently work at Xoom, a digital money transfer company, as a full-time mobile app UX designer.

Every other month I meet in Palo Alto with a 15-person team to work on designs for a healthcare project called Somasens. We currently work on the challenges around Big Data, serving digestible, usable information, and designing some really cool interfaces to better enable care-providers and patients to collaborate and share health information.

As a registered mentor for the IxDA and IAI, I offer one hour mentoring to anyone who is curious about how IA and UX are actually done.

Limited design portfolio @ X31.NET

FWIW, I play Bass guitar and music with friends as much as possible. I play live 2 to 4x/mo in the studio or concert with The Wooks. I spend some weekends in Lucas Valley / West Marin with friends jamming overnight on Saturdays, and 4-6x/year with my band, The Aftershocks.


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