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UX in a Nutshell – 20 minute talk

This is a talk i gave to the Enterprise UX group in San Francisco at General Assembly on February 19th 2015 . About 100 people in the audience. I spoke about what it takes to create a solid blueprint for hand off to development with PDF examples of real blueprints (i have permission to use).


Installing Omnigraffle Table of Content Script

I’ve had to re-load Omnigraffle a couple times in the past year, and its really a pain to get the TOC creation tools in place, since they aren’t yet supported by OmniGroup. I’ve written out a word doc for my workplace, and going to re-create it here for those who need it. WordPress wont allow for zip, scripts or graffle files to be uploaded to the server (good for them). If you need a template for omni that has a TOC page and prints properly in all sizes, feel free to email me through this blogs About page.

AppleScript / Omnigraffle Table of Contents Installation Instructions:

Link to TOC Scripts:

  • Open Apple Script Editor.


  • In AppleScript Editor / Preferences / Check off Show Script menu in menu bar and Show Computer scripts / Bottom or Top (the defaults will show in the opposite).

  • This will show the script menu in the menu bar:


  • Click on the AppleScript menu above and Open Scripts Folder and select Open User Scripts Folder.


  • Once in that folder, paste the file or folder into the Scripts folder. After pasting, you should see the TOC creation options from the menu drop down.


  • Make sure your Omni has a TOC page created (page 2, after the Cover page).


  • Select the TOC script you’d like to run.


  • The script will create the TOC on page 2 directly from the page titles in your Omni doc.


  • The TOC will show all pages after the Cover and Table of Contents. You can edit and resize or color the text by selecting the TOC text and changing the font size or color in the properties manger. This script is set for Helvetica med grey font size 12. Now you can export your PDF and the added TOC should allow users to navigate to respective pages.


  • Before you create your PDF, if you’d like to set a Home link to the document, linking back to the TOC page from other pages is as simple as linking the Header title. Select the Header title, then pick the canvas you would like to link back to from clicking on the header. See the Properties, Actions section. In my case, i link back page headers to the TOC page.